Save Lean,Save Better

Lean Financial is a free budgeting tool that organizes future expenses into equal monthly savings installments. Deposits can then be placed in investments to generate revenue until needed for the purchase.

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How It Works

Create a Purchasing Goal

Create a Purchasing Goal

Set up a Lean Purchase for anything you plan to buy. Input its price, when you will buy and how you want to save. This determines the monthly installments needed to purchase it as planned.

Start Saving

Start Saving

Deposits are placed in guaranteed LeanFinancial accounts and processed automatically for convenience or manually for customization. Each deposit keeps you on pace with your needs, reducing your financial anxiety.

Make Your Purchases

Make Your Purchases

On your purchase date, the funds are automatically placed back into your connected bank account. You receive just enough cash, just in time to buy just what you want.

Details & Features

Getting Started

Create Your Free Account

Accounts are free, but the revenue you generate is taxable, so you must be 18 years old or older and a US citizen. Registration is safe and easy, just connect a checking account and provide your Social Security number with the rest of your tax information so we can create your W-9.

Add Your Purchasing Goals

Create a Lean Purchase for all your future expenses and save for them each month in one consistent, consolidated payment. Your remaining funds are what you can spend today and still buy what you want in the future.

Flexible Ways to Save

Save With Lean Cash

The Lean Cash option does not generate revenue because it provides access to previous installments at any time, providing flexibility and an emergency fund. Request your Lean Cash at any time and it will be back in your connected bank account within a week.

Save & Earn with a Lean CD

The Lean CD option generates revenue by locking deposits away in guaranteed fixed-rate investment for the duration of the savings period, lowering the cost of each Lean Installment.

Change Your Goals

We know things can change, so we have made Lean Purchases easy to adjust. The product, the amount you want to save and how you want to save can be changed at any time. Purchases can always be pushed back to a later date, but not moved up to an earlier one. Installments can be missed or incomplete, the remaining installments are modified to make up the difference.


Safely Store Your Funds

Deposits are placed in Member FDIC and FCUA-insured banks and credit unions, backed by the United States Federal Government.

Secure Transactions

With security in mind, Lean Financial uses top security experts to manage transactions in a platform that does not pass sensitive financial information to recipients, removing significant information security risk.

Funds & Revenue

Access Funds

Funds are automatically placed back into your linked bank account just in time to make your Lean Purchase on your purchase date. Lean Cash can be removed at any time while the Lean CD does not have an early withdrawal option.

Tax Information

The Lean CD option produces taxable interest revenue. If $10 or more is produced during the year, a percentage of it must be paid as income tax. Eligible customers will be emailed a 1099 INT tax statement with the exact amount of revenue they must claim.

Lean Saving Strategy

The Origin of Lean Strategies

Taiichi Ohno, an industrial engineer at Toyota, developed lean strategies while trying to reduce waste in the production process. In 1988 he wrote "Toyota Production System: Beyond Large-Scale Production" and revolutionized the manufacturing industry. His approach to finding and reducing waste by managing time and inventories is being used by Lean Financial to revolutionize saving today.